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career coaching 2

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Unlock your potential and break free from the traditional job search. Empower yourself to create limitless opportunities, stop chasing a job and start building your own path to success!

coaching benefits

On completion of the coaching program, you’ll walk
away with:


Entrepreneurial Mindset:
Develop a strategic mindset that shifts focus from traditional job-hunting to cultivating entrepreneurial skills, empowering you to create your own career opportunities.


Skills for Innovation:
Learn how to acquire practical skills and knowledge essential for innovation and self-driven success, allowing you to stand out in a competitive market and navigate your unique career path.


Networking Mastery:
Learn effective networking strategies to build meaningful connections, opening doors to potential collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities that go beyond the confines of a standard job search.


Personalized Career Blueprint:
Craft a personalized career blueprint that aligns with your passions, strengths, and goals, providing a clear roadmap to guide your journey towards a fulfilling and self-directed career.
About the Course

This course is more
than just a video

Portfolio/resume Development Support
Continuous Learning Updates
Interactive Community Hub
digital workbooks
Expert Q&A Sessions
Lifetime Access

Invest in yourself
& your career

Career Boost session

$75 / $125

  • 1 hour career coaching session
  • Digital career planner
  • Lifetime community network access
  • Free Dump Your Degree (ebook)
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Opportunity Navigator

$225 / $375

  • 3 (1 hr each) career coaching sessions
  • Digital career planner
  • Lifetime community network access
  • Resume or portfolio review
  • Free Dump Your Degree (paperback)
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Success Blueprint

$ 425/ $695

  • 6 (1 hr each) career coaching sessions
  • Resume & portfolio review
  • Linkedin optimization
  • Plus everything in the Opportunity Navigator
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