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We’ve all heard that you have to have a degree, or three, to get a good job. But think about the millions of college grads who are broke and jobless or working jobs that don’t require a degree.

That was Dr. Zakiya Akerele’s story. She was an Ivy League grad with a Ph.D. who had to move back home with her mom while struggling to find suitable work. Luckily she figured out how to control her career without making her degrees the focus, and that’s what she shows readers how to do in her book, Dump Your Degree.

Whether you’re a college or graduate student, a parent, or an emerging professional, Dump Your Degree is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking guidance on navigating higher education, developing their career, and having financial freedom.

What You Will Learn

Correctly set educational and professional goals
Get the right advice about making career decisions
Explore viable options outside of your degree field
Build beneficial and meaningful professional connections
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Who is the book for?

High school and college students get guidance on choosing the right education, handling student loans, and preparing for their careers.
Early professionals
Learn how to stop waiting around to get hired and instead take control of your own career.
Get help in guiding your child through getting the best advice for the future and how to avoid common educational and career pitfalls.

about the author

Dr. Zakiya Akerele, an educator, author, and speaker, pursued academic passions early, earning degrees from Florida A&M University, Columbia University, and Fordham University.

With a background in International Education, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, she has contributed to various higher education institutions and organizations globally.

Zakiya focuses on tackling unemployment and underemployment in college graduates, teaching students to craft fulfilling careers by leveraging skills and connections rather than relying solely on degrees. An entrepreneur and remote worker, she resides near Atlanta, GA, with her family.

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